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The graceful FRANCES will always be one of my favorites.


George Buehler.com: Here's my main web site where you can see all of my power as well as my sail designs.

Diesel Ducks.com I decided to make a site specifically devoted to my DIESEL DUCK designs. So, THIS site, dieselducks.com (note the plural!) has all the poop about that rapidly growing family since I figured my main site is already confusing enough! The DUCKS have worked out great and several have cruised all over the planet. If you like my power designs I think you'll find this site interesting! Of course, I'm not impartial....

Lots of Troller Photos & NW stories: (Link "fixed" 11/28/14) Evan Frazier sent me this site. It saves me a lot of posting! I enjoy it because I know many of these boats. OTTER in particular has lived in Florence, Oregon, since I first saw her in the early 1960s. I was in Florence in March, 2012 and she is still there, still looking just as good as she does in the photos on this site!

Historic Fishboat Photos: This is a tremendous collection of photos showing historic and some contemporary pictures of people, boats, and some general NW stuff. It was compiled by Jon Norgaard, who, to quote from the site has worked tirelessly to put together this site to help preserve the legacy of fishermen young and old along with their boats and history. he's done a tremendous job of it! The page opens with sort of a "collage" of types and subjects ranging from Alaska gillnetters to Trollers. There's even a collection titled "Net Full of Extras" showing people, NW scenes, and even a shot of Bobby Kennedy standing on the hood of a cool Lincoln convertible. Click on the category you want to see and up pop thumbnails you can enlarge. I wonder if even Jon knows how many hundreds, maybe thousands, of photos there are here. Makes me wonder how many other incredible little known sites are out there.....

Washington Trollers Association: Is sort of an organization of trollers and people interested in the life and business. There's classified ads, recipes, and general news. If you like these boats you'll enjoy seeing there WTA site.

Don Kotts Watercolor Artist: Don is a fine painter of old time NW scenes. His web site is hard to read because everything is to damned SMALL, but you'll be able to get an idea of what he does and contact him if you're interested in prints or a commission. Below are a couple of Don's paintings.



John's Nautical Links List, The MOTHER of All Maritime Links! As the name suggests, this site lists about every boat related site in the universe. You can get dizzy going through it!

Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society: The name pretty much describes what this very interesting site is about.

Cruising On Land: Interested in RVs? Check out Cruising On Land, a different kind of RV book. "Click" the link to read chapters!

Ducktalk is sort of a chat site open to anybody interested in these kind of boats. Anybody can join and participate! All you need is to just like DUCKS!


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